Middleman Log

Here you can see a log of my previous middleman deals.
My average deal is $327.76 USD.
My largest logged deal to date is $1,300.00 USD.
I have handled a total of $15,077.00 USD across 46 different transactions.

Deal ID Site Seller ID Buyer ID Date & Time Deal Value Description
48DiscordN/AN/A08/17/2019 02:01:23 PM$480.00 USD2 Unmigrated 2011's
47DiscordN/AN/A08/16/2019 06:30:10 PM$250.00 USDMC Double Cape
46DiscordN/AN/A08/15/2019 06:20:00 PM$480.00 USD2 Unmigrated 2011's
45MC-Market16473016377208/14/2019 04:35:00 PM$450.00 USDMC "Walk"
44MC-Market4382716062208/11/2019 02:49:00 PM$225.00 USDFortnite Acc (held BTC)
43MC-Market1415317541808/11/2019 10:14:00 AM$180.00 USDMC "Song"
42DiscordN/AN/A08/09/2019 07:05:30 PM$700.00 USDMC "Heat"
41MC-Market496483514708/09/2019 04:01:00 PM$1,300.00 USDMC "Pixel"
40MC-Market1637723514708/09/2019 02:51:00 PM$370.00 USDMC "Sure"
39MC-Market1728663438008/08/2019 07:15:03 PM$33.00 USD$33 PP for $30 BTC
38MC-Market1638339221908/06/2019 03:25:41 PM$100.00 USD$100 PP for $90 BTC
37MC-Market602089221908/05/2019 10:30:00 AM$130.00 USD$130 PP for $120 BTC
36MC-Market10582717540308/04/2019 07:04:00 PM$180.00 USDMC 2011 Cape
35MC-Market12541217540308/02/2019 04:32:00 PM$228.00 USDMC "u9"
34MC-Market1025844856907/31/2019 11:25:41 AM$440.00 USDMC "VL"
33MC-Market8272113612907/29/2019 03:33:00 PM$425.00 USDMC "whisper"
32MC-Market2884517119307/29/2019 09:53:00 AM$300.00 USDMC "Scott"
31MC-Market16579567307/29/2019 09:33:00 AM$350.00 USDMC 2012 Cape
30MC-Market17136312541207/19/2019 03:00:04 AM$600.00 USDMC "Blow"
29DiscordN/AN/A07/16/2019 07:46:10 AM$330.00 USDMC "Expert"
28DiscordN/AN/A07/14/2019 06:13:57 PM$60.00 USDMC Snipe "skarm"
27MC-Market2884512541207/14/2019 12:26:14 AM$450.00 USDMC "Box"
26MC-Market1530307941707/04/2019 02:57:42 PM$450.00 USDMC "Grab"
25OGUsers13648143107/04/2019 03:10:22 AM$750.00 USDMC "Big"
24MC-Market1698696390206/27/2019 12:30:13 AM$114.00 USD$100 BTC for $114 PayPal
23MC-Market5815810407706/25/2019 01:47:20 PM$450.00 USDMC Server Files & Art
22MC-Market16391514820406/21/2019 12:00:00 AM$72.00 USDMC Server Files & Sites
21MC-Market1195357973106/19/2019 06:30:18 PM$450.00 USDMC Triple Cape
20MC-Market9221916579506/19/2019 05:25:34 PM$340.00 USDMC 2012 Cape
19MC-Market3708612758505/05/2019 11:14:40 AM$375.00 USDMC "Under" / "Raichu"
18MC-Market10431815702704/15/2019 05:13:12 AM$350.00 USDMC "Hang"
17MC-Market1275852293502/21/2019 03:49:32 AM$225.00 USDMC "Trip"
16MC-Market10813211036410/15/2018 05:34:05 PM$350.00 USDMC "u9"
15MC-Market6552210909109/23/2018 08:08:50 AM$200.00 USDMC "Woman"
14MC-Market12893213302309/16/2018 03:54:20 AM$80.00 USDMC "gato"
13MC-Market640926279803/12/2018 04:21:22 PM$90.00 USDMC "Surge"
11MC-Market942542455712/23/2017 07:30:10 PM$190.00 USDMC "California"
10MC-Market203106292712/13/2017 10:13:58 PM$250.00 USDMC "Brutal"
8MC-Market523989786412/10/2017 02:43:05 PM$170.00 USDMC "Flamingo"
7MC-Market302408620612/08/2017 05:03:01 PM$525.00 USDMC "Ux"
6MC-Market602624746311/05/2017 05:55:22 PM$150.00 USDMC 2012 Cape
5MC-Market8955179011/05/2017 04:58:38 PM$300.00 USDMC "Dance"
4MC-Market8955179011/03/2017 06:03:15 PM$315.00 USDCSGO Knife
3MC-Market236028295612/31/2017 05:11:02 PM$400.00 USDMC "Join"
2MC-Market751667691710/21/2017 02:42:55 PM$300.00 USDMC "Rage" for "Ability"
1MC-Market717112882210/08/2017 04:09:07 PM$120.00 USDMC "Lana"