Welcome to my website, here I'll provide information about the things that I sell, and the services that I offer.


Discord impersonators use multiple methods for impersonating, such as using greek letters that appear identical to english letters to copy usernames. Use my verification located on the sidebar to make sure that you're actually talking to me, as people try to impersonate me on discord for time to time.

Middleman Service

I have middlemanned a lot of deals for MCM users, which can be viewed in the logs of the "Middleman" section. At the moment I'm only middlemanning minecraft accounts, but in the future I will begin to accept middlemanning other deals.

Premium Domains

I have lots of premium & brandable domains that I've been collecting from expired domain auctions, and now I'm planning on sell them. Most of them are english dictionary words, making them valuable, but I have a few cheaper domains as well. I'll only be accepting bitcoin if you don't have much reputation, but if you're reputable I'll accept PayPal F&F. Check the domains section on this website for a list of my domains for sale.